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Vivian Krug

San Luis Obispo, CA


Some may call it destiny, but Vivian says her love of holidays, life long hobby of photography & her passion for animals, the environment and people is what prompted her to create a line to sell her photographs as greeting cards, prints & gifts that benefit environmental, pet friendly & humanitarian causes giving 20% or more of her profits to charity. (by Lisa Cook, Staff Writer, Daily Breeze)

Vivian was awarded 1st prize by the International Library of Photography & she's received various other awards & certifications. Her work's been used worldwide as far away as the Post Office of the Netherlands, by companies as large as Mattel and in television, (a PBS documentary and news stories). Her photos have been used by many local businesses for advertisements, websites, brochures as well as political campaigns. One of her photographs is featured on a Freeway Sign, on CA State Route 1 (U.S. Highway 101) coming into Pismo Beach. Recently one of her photos was used on Jim Messina's (of Loggins & Messina, Poco & Buffalo Springfield fame) new CD & DVD, "Live at the Clark Center of Performing Arts". Vivian is a contributor to Tolosa Press.

All her photos are for sale as Prints, Mugs, T-Shirts, Greeting Cards, Puzzles, Tiles & more. As you browse through Vivian's photos, you'll see they look at the world around us with a unique view which may bring a smile to your face, evoke moods, fond memories, tell stories, or simply entertain you. Her photos have been taken from around the world, Tahiti, Bora Bora, Switzerland, England, Costa Rica, Germany, Austria, Mexico, Italy, Monaco, Czech Republic, Holland, Norway, France, Hawaii & continental United States.

While not shooting something, she works as the administrative director at the SLO County Housing Trust Fund, a private non profit corporation that was created to increase the supply of affordable housing in San Luis Obispo County.

Profile photo: Photo by Times Press Recorder, Frank Cowan. //Frank Cowan/Contributor FRANK_COWAN



Peacock by Vivian Krug Cotton


Wet Black Lab by Vivian Krug Cotton


Sunset at the Pismo Beach Pier by Vivian Krug Cotton


Sunset over the Dunes by Vivian Krug Cotton


Clouds in Motion before the Storm by Vivian Krug Cotton


Before the Storm Avila Bay by Vivian Krug Cotton


Fireworks by Vivian Krug Cotton


Naked Ladies by Vivian Krug Cotton


Naked Ladies by Vivian Krug Cotton


Hydrangea by Vivian Krug Cotton


Poppy by Vivian Krug Cotton


Chocolates by Vivian Krug Cotton


Donuts by Vivian Krug Cotton


Gummy Bears by Vivian Krug Cotton


Fortune Cookie by Vivian Krug Cotton


Heirloom Tomatoes by Vivian Krug